You undoubtedly know the feeling...

Your blouse, sweater, dress or blazer is made of the most beautiful material and to protect your favourite garment, you like to wear something underneath.

Or maybe it’s a cold day and you feel like you need an extra layer under your dress.

Then a basic T-shirt with sleeves is not ideal, because it’s guaranteed to stick out somewhere.

That’s why I designed the amélie model, deeply cut out on the front, the back and the shoulders, so that it is never visible, no matter what you wear on top.

Thanks to the bra-holder straps, the top stays nicely in place.

Amélie is made of wonderfully soft, 100% cotton of the best quality, and finished with an elasticated bias ribbon for optimal comfort.


Amélie has become a must in my lingerie drawer.

Try it out for yourself and discover how comfortable it truly is.

With love